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Cleaning Sink

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the questions that we're asked the most. If you don't find it here, feel free to reach out!

  • What If I Need To Cancel Or Reschedule?
    We understand that life and other things may come up. We just ask that you give us 24 hours to reschedule your appointment and 48 hours if you are needing to cancel.
  • Is Your Work Guaranteed?
    Yes! We believe in the experience and the training processes of each of our professionals so we feel confident that you'll love the work. If not, contact us within 24 hours so that we can fix the areas that you feel may need a little more attention. Full re-dos are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Are Your Cleaners Background Checked?
    The safety of your home and its belongings are top priority. Our cleaners are pre-screened, vetted and background checked before they are invited to join a team with our company.
  • Can I Pay In Cash Or Check?
    At this time, we do not accept cash or check as payment for your appointment. You will be able to pay with a debit or credt card as you book your appointment.
  • Should I Leave A Tip?
    While it is certainly not a must, tips are accepted and greatly appreciated. Whatever amount is left for a tip will go directly to and be split amongst your team.
  • Do I Have To Be Home?
    Nope. Most clients, prefer to be away at the time of their appointment because who doesn't love the element of surprise?! If you're not working during your appointment check out this local site for ideas of fun things to do while your place gets its spa day.
  • Can I Leave A Key?
    Absolutely. Most clients leave a key in the mailbox, beneath the 'Welcome' rug or in another discreet location. The key is returned to that location upon completion of your appointment unless otherwise specified.
  • Should I Pre-Clean?
    In order for you to recieve the best cleaning possible, we do kindly request that you pick up a bit before your professionals arrive. We'd appreciate it if you put away your clothes and anything very valuable and potentially embarrasing. Please be sure to tend to litter boxes and clean up ALL animal droppings/urine as our professionals are trained to leave behind any animal waste for their safety. Read Our Precleaning Tips
  • What Products Do You Use?
    During the training process, our professional cleaners are taught to use traditional, Brand Name products and a special line of products for the "Green Cleaning" appointments. If you have an allergy or a favorite scent feel free to leave us a note about it in your booking.
  • Could The Cleaners Just Use My Products?
    We most certainly could use the products that you provide, in fact, most of our clients allow our teams to use a mixture of our products and some of their personal faves. Please note that if we are limited to only using your products, we cannot guarantee the work but still, we will give our very best efforts.
  • How Do You Handle Dust and Pet Hair?
    So glad that you asked! We are official Rainbow Vacuum System© dealers so that means we would love for you to experience the ONLY vaccuum that is certified and recommended by the Allergy and Asthma Association (ask us about doing a private demo for you if you'd want to own one to use one in between appointments). Rainbow Vacs use water filtration, which means that all of the dust and dander that is picked up will be sucked into water and as their motto says "Wet Dust Can't Fly". Dont forget to add the "Rainbow Vacuum" feature when booking so that we can use one of ours at your home. Availability of the Rainbow Vac may effect your appointment scheduling, fyi.
  • What's All Included In My Cleaning?
    You will get everything that you'd expect plus even more! Not only do we use a 25-point scale to ensure all is gotten to, but we also believe in the power of "Wow", so we aim for that on each appointment. Read our 25 Point Cleaning Checklist
  • Should I Leave A To-Do List?
    No, it's not necessary to leave a list as we train our teams to clean based on our 25-point scale to ensure that nothing is skipped. Feel free to indicate areas of particular interest in your booking notes as our cleaners view those before each appointment.
  • Will I Have The Same Cleaners Each Time?
    We know that having the same persons at your home is key to building a trusting, working relationship so we do all that we can to ensure that you have the same professional cleaners each appointment but sometimes schedules don't allow. No matter the team though, we know that your home will get the sparkle it deserves!
  • Can I Just Have Dusting And Floors Done?
    Because we know that you will love the way that our professionals work their magic on your home, we do not allow for spot cleaning. We can, however, skip over entire rooms that may be under construction or otherwise unavailable. Please indicate areas to be skipped in your notes and understand that this may not effect pricing for your appointment.
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