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Who The HELL Loves Cleaning? (A Welcome To Our Blog Post)

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

The goal of this blog is to inspire and encourage you on your home cleaning journey. Yes, journey. And yes, we've all got one. Either we love to clean and are looking for helpful hacks or we hate to clean and are simply here by chance in hopes of finding our 'angel of dust' to help us with such a daunting task. Even if our home cleaning journey has us scrubbed somewhere between the two, kudos are much deserved for getting this far. My hope is that after reading through these blogs you will have enough knowledge to get it done on your own or you will decide that cleaning house is not your thing and hire that professional cleaner once and for all.


The SWEEP cleaning blog should:

  • Give you plenty of cleaning tips and tricks, because--hello.

  • Allow you to hear from various field experts about the joys, woes and importance of home cleaning.

  • Help you decide if having a professional cleaning team is best for you and your family. And yes, our pets totally count as family!

When I first started cleaning, it was merely a means to make ends meet. I honestly thought it'd be something that I did, without telling anyone, for 3-4 months and then after that point I'd surely have finally figured out what it was that I really, really enjoyed doing and then solely do that. Not even sure why I was so embarrassed to tell people about my part-time job but we'll save that soap box for a whole other post. Anyway, it didn't necessarily go down like that, I fell in love with the clients and helping them reach their goals because their time was now freed and then fell in love with being creative and nifty with how I cleaned and then realized that for once, I could work a job where my daydreaming and extreme perfectionism had its place annnnnnnd now, here I am, 5 years later writing this blog and hoping to share some of the love and inspiration that is a clean home with each of you.

Oh and to answer that original question of, Who The HELL Loves Cleaning--it's me, guilty as charged. My name is Amber Bolden, my husband Curtis and I own SWEEP Cleaning Co started mid 2018 in Waco, TX and this our company's blog. Welcome!

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